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Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Govt. of India, formally Launched “Kalculate Business Desktop”, a software suite that comes as a boon for the SME industry.

The Launch ceremony was held today (19 May 2015), at Constitutional Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi.

Made entirely in India, Kalculate is the first of its kind software product that will assist business users to do their Accounting-Inventory-Sales-Purchase automation in a highly affordable way.

Being bundled with OpenLX Linux Operating System, the user gets : Operating System, Office Suite (with full compatibility to all other data formats), Internet Suite of applications, Graphics and Multimedia applications, Utilities, Tools and a lot more.


Kalculate is built on Linux platform that complies to the new Open-Source policy of Government of India., by replacing the closed-source platform completely from the business-environment.

Kalculate Business Desktop (KBD) helps business users to get benefits of Secure (Virus-free), Friendly (Graphical User Interface) and Affordable software by combining the power of Openlx Linux with Kalculate Business Accounting software.

KBD gives the user, a standards-based Accounting-Inventory-Sales-Purchase software application developed in India by Indian company, that comes bundled with Operating System, Office & Internet Suite, Graphics and Multimedia tools, Utilities and a lot more that normal business users will find a boom for legalizing their desktops with affordable software.

Focused towards Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) that cannot afford high cost of software and hence is forced to pirate, KBD is a solution that helps SME to legalize their software use without having to pay heavy penalties nor high cost software.

Further, KBD being virus-free thanks to the Linux platform, it gives a worry-free, secure environment to the industry, that usually suffers losses due to frequent data-loss due to virus and trojans that keep coming all the time when you are connected to internet or use pen-drives (which is normal for any business).

Kalculate, currently available on Desktop (Single-user and Multi-user) version, is a boom for small and medium enterprise, that is always concerned about its viability because of high cost of software. No more will that be a problem for SME segment and they can happily use KBD, as the total cost of business software for the total company would come down to just Rs. 9,999/= only, by using KBD.

The current data of SME would not have any problems, as all the office data (Doc, Xls, Ppt, etc) are fully compatible with the Libre-office bundled with KBD. The user-interface of Office suite, Mozilla & Chrome browsers being the same as other tools being currently used, there is NIL learning curve. Yes, a new user of KBD may be highly surprised to miss the fear of Virus & Trojans all-together and be happy about it.

In Accounting, the user will soon be able to migrate their data from popular packages like Tally and continue without any break with the use of Kalculate.


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